Sunshine Haven

Sun, sand and seafood. You can’t have it better. Get the coolest holiday ever in one of most beautiful locales in the world, Kerala. Located on the picturesque beaches of Alleppey, the resort is housed in a traditional heritage home with tiled roof and snug rooms. It is just place where time stands still and the only sound you hear is the murmur of the sea. While away time getting a good tan, catch up on some reading or simply snooze away on a hammock. What’s more, the Ayurvedic wellness package tones you up shipshape with nice massages….and you can go on one of the most romantic cruises ever over the shimmering backwaters in comfy houseboats. We bring you the best of Kerala on a platter. Come and enjoy.

Back Water Cruises

Cruise along in the luxurious house boats and be a part of the nature. Enjoy the enchanting backwaters, palm fringed network of inland lakes and connecting canals.

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